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The LISTEN AND LEARN CENTRE TM provides psychological, educational and speech pathology services to children from 3 years, teenagers and young adults up to 25 years of age.

The Centre provides services to individuals with a wide range of needs, from those facing emotional, speech, cognitive and learning difficulties or disorders, through to those who wish to enhance their performance. More on who we assist....

Our multidisciplinary team delivers a comprehensive service for your child, teenager or young adult. Our services span from initial assessment to diagnosis, recommendations and program implementation:


Psychological and Psycho-educational assessments
Educational testing
Speech and language assessments

Diagnosis and recommendations:

Diagnosis of difficulties or disorders
Recommendations for interventions and management
Assistance with funding applications

Interventions for pre-schoolers, children and teenagers:

Centre, home and school based interventions
Auditory processing therapies
Applied Behavioural Analysis - ABA
Cognitive therapies
Neurofeedback therapy
Speech and language therapy
Developmental movement exercises & technology based movement programs
Literacy programs: one-on-one assistance and technology based
Recommendations to assist a child’s integration in the classroom

Interventions for young adults:

Auditory processing therapies
Cognitive therapies
Neurofeedback therapy

Our services are suitable for children from three years through to young adults. The programs and interventions are individualised and based on the latest research from psychology, early intervention studies and neuroscience. We also work in collaboration with other health professionals in the region who provide complementary specialist services.

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Give the Centre a call on (03) 9816 8811.