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Balwyn, East Melbourne, Sydney CBD

The LISTEN AND LEARN CENTRE® provides a wide range of assessment and intervention services for children, adolescents and adults. The Centre is a member of the of the global network of neuroCare Group clinics.

The East Melbourne Clinic provides services for adults with depression, OCD, attention deficit, sleep difficulties and a range of mental health issues.

The Balwyn Clinic specialises in young children through to adolescents, conducting cognitive and educational assessments, of educational and assessments targeting learning difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing, autism spectrum, speech and language delay, developmental delay, attention deficit, working memory issues, behaviours of concern, anxiety and depression with a broad range of neuro-cognitive interventions supported by cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and other interventions.

The assessments and interventions are individualised and are based on the latest neuroscience research from psychology and early intervention studies. Interventions that are available include Neurofeedback for Attention Difficulties and ADD/ADHD, Auditory Training for Auditory Processing issues and language difficulties, and rTMS for major depression.