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The LISTEN AND LEARN CENTRE® provides psychological, educational and auditory processing services to children from three years, adolescents, adults and seniors to 80 years of age. Speech Pathology and Autism services are available from two years of age though to adults.

The Centre supports individuals with a wide range of needs, from those facing emotional, behavioural, speech, cognitive and learning difficulties or disorders, through to those who wish to enhance their performance or wellbeing.

Listen And Learn Centre specialises in the assessment of educational and developmental disorders; including disorders of learning, dyslexia, auditory processing, autism, speech and language, developmental delay, attention deficit, working memory, behaviours of concern, anxiety and depression.

The programs and interventions are individualised and based on the latest research from psychology, early intervention studies and neuroscience. We offer programs described in Norman Doidge's new book "The brain's way of healing" including the listening training offered by Paul Madaule at the Listening Centre in Toronto Canada [read more] in the form of the Auditory Training Program TM incorporating Besson Technology. Other techniques offered at the Listen And Learn Centre that are described in Norman Doidge's books include Neurofeedback, Cellfield and Fast Forward. We also work in collaboration with other health professionals in the region who provide complementary specialist services.