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Adult Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessments

A cross battery approach is employed utilizing a variety of cognitive tests which are tailored to the
individual’s presentation (e.g. WAIS-IV, WRAML-2, WIAT-III, Test of Auditory Processing Skills, Continuous
Performance Task, Computerised Neuropsychological Battery, such as measures of memory, information
processing efficiency, motor speed and reaction time, and executive function, which are implicated in
many mental health issues). Our wide range of assessments covers many of the broad cognitive factors in
accordance with a comprehensive model of cognition (CHC theory), in addition to clinically meaningful
integrative functions (i.e. executive functioning). This includes measures of:

    • Crystallized verbal knowledge, language and reasoning (Gc)
    • Fluid reasoning skills (Gf)
    • Visuo-spatial processing (Gv)
    • Auditory processing skills (Ga)
    • Short-term working memory and attentional control (Gsm)
    • Processing speed (Gs)
    • Long-term memory and retireval for verbal and non-verbal information (Glr)
    • Achievement skills – reading and writing (Grw)
    • Quantitative Reasong and Mathematics Skills (Gq)