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Assistance and Consultation with Schools

Behaviour problems are a significant issue in schools and classrooms everywhere. However, some teachers seem to have better control of a group of children than others. When teachers learn behaviour intervention strategies, it can improve the climate of the classroom, lead to less frustration, and promote more learning for all students. Some students need additional support to make good choices. Not all students are intrinsically motivated to make good choices, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the student has differing expectations at home, they may have underlying impulsivity issues, or they may be seeking negative attention.
Listen And Learn Centre provides consultations to primary, secondary, independent and catholic schools regarding programs and interventions to assist with classroom management and also for children who are struggling with learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties. The aim of the consultation is to create increased learning and developmental opportunities for children within their current school setting. Listen And Learn Centre acts as an independent, experienced consultant to support the school to enhance a learning environment or a particular child’s wellbeing. This is likely to include:

Establishing a cooperative partnership

The centre collaborates and develops a cooperative partnership with staff at the school. They share the mutual goal of wanting to promote success for a student. Relationship building is an essential part of this process.

Clarifying the problem

Listen And Learn Centre assists staff at the school to define the problem in clear, concise, and measurable terms and then to develop goals and expectations.

Problem analysis

It is important to collect baseline data for future evaluation of the intervention and to help clarify the problem. It is also important to look for precursors to the behaviour. Listen And Learn Centre may conduct a range of psychoeducational assessments (see our psychoeducational assessments page) and school visits and observations. Environmental, instructional, and personal factors are all taken into consideration.

Brainstorming and exploring intervention options

The level of intervention must be determined first, and then brainstorming can begin. Several interventions may be suggested. Strategies may include recommendations on alternative ways to deliver instructions or monitor classroom tasks, behaviour modification strategies, recommendations on helpful seating arrangements in the room, programs and activities which strengthen a particular child’s skills in particular areas and so on.

Selecting an intervention

The suggested interventions are discussed and evaluated via meetings between the Listen And Learn

Implementing the strategy

The intervention is implemented for an agreed amount of time.

Evaluating intervention effectiveness and follow-up

The effectiveness of the intervention is measured by comparing current data with the baseline data. Modifications to the intervention are then made where needed.

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