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Besson Auditory Training System

Besson Of Switzerland

Besson Auditory Training System uses electronically modified music and language to stimulate the auditory pathways and enhance auditory neural plasticity to assist and improve auditory processing abilities. Auditory training enhances the ability of the auditory system to differentiate between fine differences in frequencies and other auditory skills, which are a pre-requisite for language development, and for the processing of all auditory information. Difficulties in processing sound to its full potential can manifest themselves auditory processing difficulties, poor auditory attention, poor short term auditory memory skills and other difficulties such as learning difficulties, including poor reading and spelling, poor communication skills, poor co-ordination and balance, and difficulties with sensory integration.

The Auditory Training Programs at the Listen And Learn Centre use the Besson Auditory Training System and the techniques of Dr Alfred Tomatis. This combination of technologies and auditory training methods are world leading.

Auditory Training Programs at the Listen And Learn Centre can be undertaken as:

  • Intense clinically supervised centre based program using the most advanced technologies
  • Intense home auditory training programs
  • School and home programs based on portable devices

Besson Of Switzerland

Besson Of Switzerland

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