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Class Visits and Observations

Where a more comprehensive assessment of a child’s school performance and behaviour is needed, psychologists from the Listen And Learn Centre conduct on-site class visits for children at school, kindergarten and at childcare centres.

Why do we conduct visits to the classroom?

The clinicians from Listen and Learn work collaboratively with the team of school teachers, integration aides, school principals and parents to develop solutions which will assist the child to participate more fully in school activities.

School visits usually occur in the morning and include an hour’s observation and discussion with staff at the school or centre about their perspective on the child’s issues. Levels of attention, peer interaction and positive or disruptive behaviours are recorded. In addition, the learning environment, the classroom layout and the child-teacher interaction is observed.

Developing strategies

Observations provide an opportunity to further develop strategies to assist the child in the school setting. Strategies may include recommendations on alternative ways to deliver instructions or monitor classroom tasks, behaviour modification strategies, recommendations on helpful seating arrangements in the room, programs and activities which strengthen the child’s skills in particular areas and so on. Together, these contribute to a range of supports to assist the child’s academic, social and emotional wellbeing.