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Initial Comprehensive Assessment

What is a comprehensive assessment?

During an initial comprehensive assessment at the Listen And Learn Centre, the individual and the family meet with our experienced team of psychologists and therapists to gather developmental, health, family, social, emotional, behavioural, and educational histories. Our co-clinician assessment process involves building a relationship and rapport with the child or teenager, and then administering a battery of assessments to investigate the individual’s processing abilities, learning difficulties and educational needs. It also includes behavioural observation and emotional evaluation (if appropriate) of the individual’s current presentation and difficulties.

The assessment process is comprised of a range of individually selected, pre-determined tests specifically selected to evaluate the individual’s information processing and learning abilities . The assessment may including testing of the following areas:

  • Auditory processing
  • Attention
  • Memory – including short-term auditory memory and working memory
  • Speech, Language and Comprehension
  • Phonological awareness
  • Visual-Motor Coordination
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Adaptive Behaviours and functioning
  • Sensory processing screening


Why is a comprehensive assessment battery necessary?

A comprehensive assessment will help to clarify your child’s information processing skills and learning abilities and style (e.g. attention abilities and memory skills). It will also provide a current assessment of certain academic skills (e.g. reading and spelling) and educational needs. An informal emotional evaluation and behavioural observation is conducted where appropriate, to assist in investigating the presence of difficulties in the child’s daily functioning, social relationships and family dynamics. Comprehensive assessments are often conducted to investigate a provisional diagnosis of developmental or learning disorders. Please refer to the diagnostic page.

In cases whereby the referral is to investigate a developmental diagnosis, specific testes, questionnaires and interviews relating to the potential diagnosis will be conducted, either as part of a comprehensive assessment or as an additional assessment if required.

What does the comprehensive assessment include?

The comprehensive assessment includes an initial developmental and history interview, thorough assessment session, and a feedback session. A detailed initial assessment report which includes background information, results, interpretation, conclusions, recommendations, appropriate referrals if necessary and specific interventions, will be provided. The comprehensive assessment process is the initial stage of a holistic case management approach that Listen And Learn psychologists and other professionals provide to give you and your child the necessary support and guidance to address learning, developmental, educational, behavioural and social-emotional needs.