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Early Intervention Overview

The Listen And Learn Centre has the ability to identify issues and to assist children from an early age before their problems become more difficult. It is important to ensure that children are helped as early as possible in life because, where specific training or changes in lifestyle are needed, it is often easier to change patterns earlier in life before habits are strongly developed. This page provides an overview of the sorts of early intervention services provided by the Listen And Learn Centre.

Comprehensive Psychological and Educational Assessments

The Listen And Learn Centre conducts Psychoeducational assessments of children from 3 years of age to clarify their learning and educational needs. Tests are undertaken to evaluate a child’s learning aptitudes, academic skills and other factors that may influence their academic success, read more….

School and Kindergarten Assessments

On occasions where a more comprehensive assessment of a child’s school performance and behaviour is needed, the Listen And Learn Centre conducts on-site visits for children at school, kindergarten and at childcare centres. The Listen And Learn Centre works collaboratively with the team of school teachers, integration aides, school principals and the parents to develop solutions which will assist the child to participate more fully in school activities, more…

Behaviour Management – ABA

For children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the Listen And Learn Centre works extensively with behavioural management interventions using a set of principles and techniques based on Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). The ABA approach and its techniques can help children with mild to severe ASDs to address some of their difficulties, from the basics of dressing and toileting to academic learning and complex social interactions, more…

Parenting Skills

The Listen And Learn Centre provides a Behaviour Management Program for parents of children with challenging behaviours. The main principles of this approach are to support parents to develop a more positive discipline style, and to promote positive parent-child interactions and relationships, more…

Social Skills

The Listen And Learn Centre offers social skills training programs for children and adolescents to develop self confidence and social skills in a variety of situations. It is tailored to suit a child’s individual needs and uses role play based on real life situations assist with recognising non-verbal cues, emotional expression, conversational skills and confidence, more…

Counselling for Kids

The Listen And Learn Centre provides counseling for children who are experiencing difficulties at home or at school. Psychologists at the centre work with the child to understand their needs and issues and to work towards developmental goals, more…

Classroom intervention program (in Melbourne and regional Victoria)

Some children need extra assistance and resources to experience academic success and to be accepted by their peers. In conjunction with its school and kindergarten assessments, the Listen And Learn Centre provides programs to assist children with particular difficulties to integrate better into the classroom environment. The aim is to provide a tailored program, based on the child’s learning requirements, which creates increased learning and developmental opportunities for the child within their current school setting, more…

Speech Therapy

The Listen And Learn Centre provides speech therapy services to assist children who have difficulties or delays in producing age-appropriate speech and language. Following an assessment, the speech pathologist develops treatment programs which are tailored according to the nature and severity of the difficulty. The speech pathologist works with the child and parents to develop a series of fun activities which aim to strengthen a child’s areas of weakness in communication, more…

Funding to Assist Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Medicare

This funding page describes the range of Government funding assistance that is available for particular therapies and interventions for children. Medicare has introduced new items for diagnosis and early intervention treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Some children with disabilities are also eligible for additional assistance at school from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) under the Program for Students with Disabilities. The Listen And Learn Centre can guide parents through this process with a consultant who specialises in writing applications. The Listen And Learn Centre can assist by establishing which assessments and reports are required, conducting assessments, liaising with school psychologists and administrators and helping to create a comprehensive application for funding. more…

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