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Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant provides intensive reading practice acts a a tutor based on the latest speech verification technology. The program provides one-on-one guided reading support. The Reading Assistant software ‘listens’ to students as they read out loud and intervenes with prompts when the student slows or makes an error and automatically scores students’ reading ability. Students can view their own progress and monitor their own improvement through more than 300 reading selections that cover all age groups.

The Reading Assistant Program is separate to the regular Fast ForWord Program. It is recommended that it be undertaken once all appropriate levels of Fast ForWord are complete, however and can also be undertaken in conjunction with training in regular Fast ForWord.

The cost of Reading Assistant is program is separate to the regular Fast ForWord program.

Reading Assistant is usually recommended be undertaken for 20-50 mins per day, 3 to 5 days a week.

The Reading Assistant program allows children to have selected books read to them online. The children then read the book 3 times while learning the words that they experience difficulty. The program also has comprehension questions match each book. Once the child finishes a book, they are able to move onto the next book in the series.