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Fast ForWord is a computer training program that helps children and adults rapidly build oral language comprehension and other critical skills necessary for learning to read or becoming a better reader. Based on over twenty-five years of brain research, these interactive and adaptive programs use patented technology to target the language and reading skills widely recognised as the keys to learning.

The Fast ForWord Family of Program are for anyone who want to improve language, reading and overall communication skills. From children who struggle with basic language skills or attention problems to adults who want to improve reading comprehension and organizational skills, Scientific Learning’s programs and products have something for everyone. Because each individual’s needs are different, we have a number of tools to help you measure an individual’s specific skill set.

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Fast ForWord evolved from the work of noted research scientists Michael Merzenich and Bill Jenkins from the University of California at San Francisco, and Paula Tallal and Steven Miller, experts on the neurological basis of language at Rutgers University. Merzenich and Jenkins are internationally known for their research in the science of brain plasticity, which is the concept that the brain changes as people learn new skills. Brain plasticity has been instrumental in understanding improved learning strategies for children with language and reading problems. More specifically, that adaptive training techniques such as frequency, reward, intensity and motivation allow for more rapid learning.

The collaboration of Merzenich, Jenkins, Tallal and Miller resulted in a key finding, that with the help of computers, speech sounds can be altered, reproduced and eventually differentiated by children with language difficulties. Using this technology in an intensive, adaptive training program, or optimal learning environment, the scientists discovered that students can develop a wide range of critical language skills such as phonemic awareness, auditory processing speed, phonological awareness, working memory, syntax, grammar, sequencing and other necessary reading skills.

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You may also find the Fast For Word results page containing reports on Fast ForWord outcomes, articles and testimonials.

Fast ForWord is now available on iPad. Watch the video on the iPad verion on the Scientific Learning website.

HOW IT WORKS (click to open)

Computer technology slows down and digitally enhances speech sounds for the struggling reader.
Intensive training schedules are used that develop a wide range of critical reading skills, including Intensive training schedules are used that develop a wide range of critical reading skills, including:

    • Phonemic awareness
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
    • Working memory
    • Syntax

The dramatic changes in brain function required to achieve universal literacy can only be accomplished through intense, frequent, and consistent technology-based intervention.

The unique ability of Fast ForWord products to develop and strengthen the cognitive skills we call Learning MAPS—memory, attention, processing, and sequencing—is essential for academic learning and reading success.