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The Team

    • Martha Mack

      Psychologist and Clinical Director
      B.B.Sc., Grad. Dip. Coun., MAPS, MANSA, BCN
      Honorary Fellow – Melbourne Graduate School of Education (University of Melbourne)

      Martha Mack is a registered psychologist who has been practising since 1991. She founded the Listen And Learn Centre in 2001.

      At the Balwyn clinic, Martha specialises in Educational and Developmental Psychology, neuro-developmental disorders and educational difficulties, leading a group of professionals (psychologists, speech and language pathologists and neuroscientists) in their evaluation and treatment of young children to young adults and their families. Martha and the team specialises in Auditory Processing Deficits (APD) and its comorbidity with other disorders, Autism Spectrum, ADD/ADHD, Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia, Communication and Speech and Language Delay, Dyspraxia and other developmental disorders and delays. Martha also supervises students undertaking their Master’s Degree in Educational and Developmental psychology at Melbourne University.

      At the East Melbourne clinic, Martha works with adults that experience Major Depressive Disorder providing counselling, as prior to her work at the Listen And Learn Centre, part of her clinical work was providing psychotherapy to adults suffering from severe depression, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. At East Melbourne, Martha also overseas some of the interventions provided by the team of professionals.

    • Dr. Trevor Brown

      Trainer & Senior Neuroscientist
      B.A. Hons, PhD, University of New England, QEEG-D

      Trevor is a Senior Neuroscientist with the neuroCare Group, at the Listen And Learn Centre and at the East Melbourne clinic. Trevor is based in Melbourne and he performs QEEG and ERP analysis and co-manages neuromodulation services, including Neurofeedback, tDCS, Auditory Training and repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS).

      Trevor’s role with the neuroCare Group extends to the group’s Training and Science division, “neuroCademy”, where he contributes to research projects and is a presenter in professional training workshops focused on the application of rTMS and Neurofeedback in Australia.

      Trevor completed his Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience, entitled “QEEG, ERP, source localisation and Neurofeedback with Elite Table Tennis Players’” as he has particular interest in this topic having been an Olympic Table Tennis athlete himself in Athens, 2004 and represented Australia internationally for over 10 years. Trevor then extended his knowledge in EEG analysis by completing his QEEG-Diplomat certification in 2016.

    • Steven Wickens

      B. Sc (Psychology & Psychophysiology), B. Sc (Hons), M.Psych (Clin Neuropsych), MAPS

      Steven is a registered psychologist with postgraduate training in clinical neuropsychology and experience in conducting psychological and cognitive assessments. He has a strong interest in the brain-behaviour relationships underlying a range of neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurological conditions across the age-span.

      Steven has experience with neurophysiological techniques, working previously as an EEG technologist in hospital based settings. Accordingly, Steven also has training and experience in the provision of neuromodulation techniques, such as Neurofeedback and rTMS. Steven also has experience with neurophysiological techniques, working previously as an EEG technologist in hospital based settings. Steven works both at the Balwyn and East Melbourne clinics.

    • Dimitra (Demi) Heffer

      B.App.Sc. (Hons), M.Psych. (Ed & Dev), MAPS

      Demi is an Educational and Developmental psychologist who has extensive experience in neuro-developmental assessments and diagnosis, case managing clients including liaising with parents, schools and professionals. Demi’s areas of interest are Specific Learning Disorders (Dyslexia), Autism Spectrum, ADHD and developmental Delays. Demi is based at Balwyn.

    • Poh Wong

      M. Art Therapy, M.Psych. (Ed & Dev), MAPS

      Poh is an Educational and Developmental psychologist and art therapist. Poh has experience in educational assessments, interventions and counselling experience in both the private and public school sectors, whose work involves neuro-developmental assessments and diagnoses, case managing clients including liaising with parents, schools and professionals. Poh is interested in systemic approaches, requiring collaboration between families and schools to support learning difficulties in children. Her research interests are in motivation, attention, creativity and neuromarkers for neurodevelopmental disorders. Poh has participated in neurofeedback and auditory training, and has experience with administering neuromodulation protocols. Poh is based at Balwyn.

    • Benjamin Ady

      Speech Pathologist
      B.A. Psych, M. Speech Path, CPSP, HCSP

      Benjamin is a registered Speech Pathologist and has extensive experience dealing with children on the Autism Spectrum. Benjamin administers speech and language assessments, prepares and reviews comprehensive assessment reports and supports multidisciplinary interventions with the psychology team, specifically with children that have developmental disorders and disabilities. Benjamin is also an Auditory Training practitioner and is based at Balwyn.

    • Monica Garcia

      Program Facilitator & Speech Pathologist
      B.A. Speech Therapy (University of Valparaiso, Chile)

      Monica is a program facilitator at the Listen And Learn Centre supporting the delivery of the Auditory Training Program and Neurofeedback, as well as providing administration support to the team.

      Monica has worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist in Chile, has been a University Lecturer and student supervisor working in Special Schools with pre-school aged children experiencing language and speech delays, as well as working in private practice. She is a Native Spanish speaker. Monica is based in Balwyn.

    • Hamish Binnie

      Neuroscientist & Program Facilitator
      B.Sc (Psychology & Psychophysiology), BH.HSc (Hons)

      Hamish is a Neurofeedback therapist at the Listen And Learn Centre, who administers frequency band Neurofeedback, Slow Cortical Potential Training, the Auditory Training Program, and other programs and treatment methods such as tDCS and some computer based programs. Hamish also undertakes QEEG recordings and pre-processing procedures for data analysis and assessments.

      Hamish’s interests include quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG), neuromodulation, performance enhancement, personality and behavior. Hamish also assists with research projects and social media within the Listen And Learn Centre. Hamish is based in Balwyn.

    • Alexie Better

      Educational Specialist, Neurotherapist
      B.A. (Swinburne), Cert Practictioner INPP

      Alexie is currently completing her Masters of Education. She is a certified practitioner of the INPP method from The Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology, UK (Developmental Movement Program), certified provider of the Interactive Metronome program, certificates in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), certificate in Thrass Foundation Level – The Thrass Institute Australasia and Canada

      Alexie has completed Certificate Associate Level training in Multisensory Language Instruction (Phonology), Orton Gillingham Australia Institute for Multisensory Language Education and is an associate member of the Dyslexia Association of Australia.

      Alexie provides specialised literacy programs based on the Multisensory Literacy approach (Orton-Gilligham methodology) supported by the Dyslexia Association of Australia, to children who present with specific learning difficulties. Alexie also practices as a Development Movement therapist to assist children presenting with difficulties with fine and gross motor, along with primitive and postural reflexes.

      Alexie similarly provides support to the various interventions offered at the centre as she oversees the Interactive Metronome program as well as being an Applied Behavioural Analysis therapist. Alexie also supports client intake and planning of intervention phases.

    • George Mack

      Director Operations Victoria

      George has extensive experience in business development and project management and currently serves as Director Operations for neuroCare Clinics in Victoria. George is responsible for day-to-day operations and management of teams in both the Balwyn clinic and East Melbourne Clinic. George is certified in the supervision of various technology based interventions including the Auditory Training Program, and is also experienced in QEEG and Neurofeedback training and implementation having received QEEG-Diplomat certification in 2016. George is based at both Balwyn and East Melbourne.

    • Angela McGuire

      Centre Manager, Listen And Learn Centre, Balwyn

      Angela is the Centre Manager and has extensive experience in business development and project management. Angela oversees the day to day processes at the clinic, and the interface between clients and the professional team. Her strong background in customer service ensures a high quality customer experience from intake and assessment with support right through the intervention phase. Angela is based at Balwyn.