World Mental Health Day

With the passing of the recent World Mental Health Day on October 10th, it is a great time to take a look at some of the recent scientific advancements and innovations which are unfolding to treat and assist individuals.

Our partners at NeuroCare have put together a list of 5 innovations which are improving mental healthcare, which have helped to change the way we treat and understand mental health.

These innovations include:

  • Treating Depression with Psychotherapy and TMS combined more likely leads to complete remission in a patient.
  • A new technology to better target TMS therapy for Depression
  • Neurofeedback legitimate medication-free therapy for ADHD with long-term effects for Children
  • QEEG Brain Mapping may Predict Response to ADHD treatments
  • tES (transcranial Electrical Stimulation) improves response of cognitive therapies

For more information on these innovations, click here to view the article on the NeuroCare webpage.